Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Est que l'alpaga?"

What's awesome about today? Nutella packaged for box lunch dessert, with little savory breadsticks and a dipping vestibule. What else? The way the French say my name; Cou-rhee-ahn-tuhn. Mainly the first two sounds, but also because they distribute the emphasis evenly (instead of placing it on the wrong syllable). What else? Pitching a pile of fabric patterns to the big fellas at Fa├žonnable, and feeling like they are stoked to have me involved. What else? Folks who will let me practice my French on them, but remember to answer in English. What else? The hilarity of being around people who are really interested in what you're wearing, and will actually reach out to touch your clothing, check your labels, and ask, "Is that alpaca?"