Monday, March 15, 2010

My First Day

It's sunny and 60-ish all over France, including the South. My hotel room is warm and I don't think the thermostat really works. 16˚ C sounds pretty cold, but I'm sweating in just underwear.

After an incredible first day (lovely people, intense creativity) I ran northward on the Promendade des Anglais, around Colline du Château and up Rue Francois Guisol. Eventually the sidewalks were too crowded and I re-ran my steps back towards Negresco.

Grocery store was a kick in the pants (so fun to peruse unfamiliar foods and food packaging). Bought some hotel room amenities including Nutella travel-packs for kids (or nerds) and a bottle of vin rouge.

Faux pas: I forgot that you're supposed to pre-weigh your produce at the grocery store, and put a printed barcode sticker on your bananas. I also couldn't read most of the buttons on the self-check out (seemed like a great idea at the time) so luckily a sweet self-serve attendant did a lot of button pushing for me. I managed enough French to apologize to the line that formed while I was running back for my banana sticker, and to thank the sweet lady multiple times for helping le dodo.

Memory Revision: €4,00 wine in France doesn't taste as good as I remember. I guess cheap wine is cheap wine, after all.